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Use SEO To Build Your Brand

6 Ways To Use SEO To Build Your Brand

Use SEO To Build Your Brand

It is important to learn how to use SEO to build your brand because if you are always on the internet, own or operate a website or even own a social media page, you must have come across the acronym SEO.

In very simple English, What on earth is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization which can be broken into two relatable words, Search Engine, and Optimization. According to Wikipedia, a search engine is an ‘online software system that is designed to search for information on the World Wide Web’. Examples of search engines include Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. Optimization according to means ‘to make the most of’. Therefore search engine optimization can be said to be the act and art of making the most out of search engines. It is the process of increasing the rank of your website/keyword on the search engine results page and the Holy Grail is to be number one on the list.

SO exactly Why Do We Need SEO?

This is the internet age! Imagine if you decide to type ‘Nigerian Musicians’ in a search engine and it brought out some people first before some other people. You might feel some of the artists it omitted at first might be more relevant than those shown but it is beyond mere human relevance. There is a different way by which search engine measures relevance, and this is exactly why you need SEO as an entertainment brand. In other words the higher you show on search engines the more important you are perceived. Take a look below at the artists that pop up on Google when you search for Nigerian musicians.

It goes without saying then, the aim of using SEO to build your brand is to increase your visibility on search engines which in turn leads to increased visibility of your brand online.

Below are six surefire ways to build your brand using SEO!

Stay ‘Woke’ for Social

Social media profiles that have been left for dead don’t improve your brand. Instead, they show you have given up and don’t care about your followers. To prevent this from happening, create a calendar that involves checking in with your profiles at least once a day to provide helpful, interesting, or funny updates. Imagine if only your followers search for you on social media and search engines, they would have succeeded in registering your name as a keyword in the search engines.

YouTube is an open-door, Walk Through

What is YouTube? Where do you drop videos? No! YouTube is a social media network like Instagram with spaces for video with practically no time limits.YouTube is huge. With over six billion hours of footage watched every month, publishing quality content to this video-sharing site is a great way to get your brand noticed. For best results, consider posting “how to” content that provides instructions on common questions in your industry. These videos may not have the flash of would-be viral contenders, but their evergreen nature ensures that they’ll refer interested viewers to your website for the foreseeable future. Also remember, YouTube is owned by Google – the biggest search engine in the world.

Get yourself a website and Use it!

Any good brand-building campaign should start with a business website – be it for a person, label, or group of people. After acquiring such websites, they must not be left for death but be updated as regularly as possible to give fans and customers alike a reason to visit your site over and over again. However, you should know that if your content isn’t exciting, inspiring, or memorable in some way, it will not stand out in the minds of your reader.

Go out more! Create your own events

The often unspoken truth is that offline still controls online. People talk about what happened offline, and online. Events bring about stories. Stories keep in the mouths of people. Being in the mouth of people brings you closer to their hearts and hence they will love to know what you are up to next time. A lot of today’s celebrities became so because of events and the subsequent online reaction.

The Search Filter is your best friend

Use the search filter on Facebook, Instagram, and especially Twitter, to view comments made about you while you were not mentioned directly. Take a few minutes to post a quick reply and your brand will be seen as a friendly brand! This will make people relate to you better.

Don’t Stop, Never ever stop

You know what they say, consistency is key. Once you kick off your SEO efforts, be patient but deliberate with the process and results will definitely come in. We all know that Rome and reputations aren’t built in a day, this is the same with SEO. Your SEO ranking becomes greater when you put in more effort, regularly with a goal in mind.


Once you kick off these steps, be assured you are on your way to becoming an SEO star…

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